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Home Lighting Ideas from Around the Web

home lightingAfter having some trouble with some of my own home lighting renovations, I decided to look into it and see how I could do better next time. After doing more than a little bit of reading, I decided to round up my favorite ideas that I discovered in over the course of my perusal. So, if you’re looking to update your home’s lighting fixtures, there might be some useful stuff here for you.

  • Have a specific lighting plan for each room you plan to renovate. It might be tempting to install a single ceiling light and be done with it, but putting serious thought in a room’s lighting arrangement will yield much better results.
  • Find a good place to buy new fixtures, if you need them. There are plenty of stores and websites to peruse, so ideally you can find one that not only has a wide selection, but are experts that can help with your specific situation. One example that might be helpful to you is a company called Valley Lighting, a Lighting Store, CT.
  • Utilize different lighting types and angles. Aside from the classic, “Variety is the spice of life” reason, varying lights create a more dynamic atmosphere in the room. Just make sure you’re have a plan, and not putting up lights haphazardly.
  • Focus on light output before fixture appearance. This might be a little obvious, but when you’re planning to renovate, get a solid grasp on the light you want to set up for a room. A stylish fixture doesn’t mean much if it produces poor lighting for the rest of the room.

Finally, this is one video that might help. It’s basically a little slideshow with many different lighting examples if you’re not sure which direction you should go in.