Air Conditioning Tips for the Summer

air conditioning
With the summer heat already upon us–and still intensifying–I, like many of you, will flock to the nearest air conditioner available to survive. Unfortunately, the summer heat can hurt you where you might not expect it: your wallet. Those ever-present AC systems that we cling to can use a lot of energy, and therefore, money. I put together a list of ideas that I found around the web that I found useful to help cut down on air conditioning costs this summer. Below are some of the most important tips that I’ve found. Other than the ones below, I found that is good for general energy-saving guidelines. [Some tips came specifically from their page on AC energy saving]

Air Conditioning Energy Savings

  • As often as you have your AC going at full blast, turn it up at night or when you’re simply not at home. You’ll (obviously) save energy and money if it’s not running while you’re not around to bask in it.
  • Support your AC system with a fan or two. The circulation of air indoors can go a long way towards cooling it down.
  • Limit how much you use your stove-top. They introduce a lot of heat into your kitchen when you use it. If you must use it, try using it in the evening when the room will be naturally cooler.
  • If you have had the same AC system for awhile, it may be worthwhile to either replace it or make sure its properly maintained. If it’s working at a less-than-optimal efficiency, then it has to be active for that much longer, and therefore consume that much more energy.
  • Similarly, if you find your workplace sweltering, there are companies that specialize in commercial HVAC systems. If it does need to be maintained, then I know that the BP Group is one company that specializes in HVAC repair.

That does it for this post. Below, I shared another video I found for you to watch. It has some additional tips to try out!