Vintage Furniture Decorating Ideas

vintage furnitureGreetings, everyone. I was recently redecorating my living room, and frankly, I had no clue where to start. I was mostly concerned with our furniture; I had previously relied on IKEA items. Basically, there was a strong desire to get something with a bit more style. Given the space I had already, it felt natural to go look for some vintage furniture (this is one page that helped convince me). So in the process, I learned a couple things about vintage furniture, both from experience and from the web, that I think might be helpful for you. That is, if you’re looking for some vintage furniture of your own.

For starters, make sure that the furniture you’re looking at is sturdy. That’s typically not a problem with a lot of old-school, dense wood furniture, but it’s the baseline for your purchase. It shouldn’t get a pass just because it’s old and it looks pretty. First and foremost, it should be fully functional.

The other major thing I learned is to not underestimate the work that you’ll need to put in to get it up to your stylistic standards. There are plenty of places online that have different tutorials for this sort of thing, but not all of them clarify the amount of time and effort it’ll take to do it. They don’t typically account for amateur mistakes either, so be patient and accommodating of any unforeseen challenges.

After I finished my shopping, there was nothing really left to do. Except for one thing: I never got a rug for the room! I have some (not that pretty) wood flooring, so I needed an area rug to fit with the room and the furniture. Fortunately enough, after some perusing on the web, I came across a company called Rug and Home, who happen to have a vintage rug collection with items that match the style I was going for.

Well, that’s just about it. Before I hit that “publish” button,  here’s a video that has even more tips and facts about vintage furniture: